How to gain muscle mass fast?

How to gain muscle mass fast? Well, You’re a skinny person to the point of generating envy while racking your second burger with a comparable only joy to sadness with your dinner companion pours lemon to the salad. Your “I is that as all” begin to generate disbelief and some distrust on your eating habits. But this happiness in you projected image contains a problem: you decided muscle, gain volume and cost you a lot.

This time you’re going to really try, try on another size you fancy body and are willing to go through the only magic formula: diet and exercise. If you mix these ingredients regularly you will not take to enjoy the results.


DIET to gain muscle mass

By far the rest salive snack and you want seeing as a child in all restaurants around your home is very likely that you are not eating enough and, no doubt, you’re not doing in the right proportions. What of “fattening” has many shades as not to take it the “Homer vs. The Shortbread” mode. Remember that you want muscle, not your arms as your aunt Paca. If this trip you put up an absurd amount of fat you run two dangers: that predisposes your body in the future to this unwanted accumulation and costing you a barbarity take it off to make it look as intended in your silhouette.

To achieve the increase is progressive, effective and durable you need to embrace the conviction of shooting a penalty to Panenka a high protein diet and low fat (low is not “no”, your body needs). And do not forget to take carbohydrates slow burning, you’ll need to get your body to do something useful with all that amount of protein.

Prepare the Tupper: You’re starting to eat five times a day or 24 hours under house or cafeteria next work will have what you need, so do not, do not start to consider the skewer tortilla sublimation mayonnaise mix and hydrates protein because it is not. Your turn to get involved in the kitchen, the prize is you.

SUPPLEMENTS to increase muscle mass

If you meet with diet and exercise routine it makes sense to use a supplement to improve performance. Protein shakes or bars, after training. To your muscles enters the hunger after struggling, that’s his favorite food and is the first thing to give them to absorb it immediately. Whey and casein help you recover, creatine helps increase the speed of growth, branched amino acids improve your endurance and reduce fatigue … These products complement, never replace anything and do not work in combination with a sofa and pizza. Find out what you’d be better depending on the phase in which you are.


EXERCISE To increase muscle mass

Hypertrophy is the keyword. To achieve all your exercises will oriented in this direction. Highlights: forget about those machines with appearance of evil spider ‘Wild Wild West’. The best ally in your quest will be free weight. There are plenty of stabilizing muscle that passes you when a machine is responsible for doing their job and, of course, if loitering, not grow.

You need your body to secrete hormones that make ingested protein is absorbed by the muscle, and for this you will have to put a lot of those muscles to work. Ah, quiet, you have them all in place although it does not seem so. The best way to put all the machinery in action is to make complex exercises like squats, bench press or dominated. Do not obceques with a muscle even your favorite because you’ve seen highlighted shirt under a cover of GQ. It will grow and be molded much better if you work in team with others.

Important. The effort and commitment to achieve the objectives is fundamental. Nothing lift clothespins or milk cartons but neither is straighten the tower of Pisa you only. You have to watch weights and each has its own. It is important to understand that this is not a strength training: your goal now is another. In addition you avoid injuries that lead us to square one. Calculate what is the maximum you could do with the exercise correctly, put 80% and start doing sets of eight or more repetitions. Looking for a long time under stress, you do not want to finish quickly because it serves. Feel each millimeter rise and fall.

The exercise has to be alternated with rest, enough for the body to regenerate after exertion, repair damage and can again make a train with guarantees. Forget star in a “24 Hour Trainning People” unless you want to get to places like Stromae to NJS Awards.

Diet, exercise, rest … and grow from today.

how to gain muscle mass fast

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